What’s on my agenda?
Arctic Simulation, ISMS 2019, Ideological Conflict
Springer Handbook of Military Sciences
POE102, POE205

Welcome to academic year 2019-2020

Back in Kingston after a year at CFC Toronto, my academic year begins in August with the Academic Bridging program for the NCM Executive Professional Development Program (NEPDP). This is a transition year towards more senior candidates taking predominantly senior courses in preparation to be strategic chiefs working with Generals and Flag Officers. I will be the academic advisor for NEPDP for the year.

In the fall term I teach POE116 International Relations and POE320 Comparative Politics. I expect to run the international Arctic Simulation again in October 2019 with cadets from several Arctic Council nations. As Secretary of the International Society of Military Sciences I am helping to organize the annual conference in Vienna, 18-20 November.

My research agenda continues to focus on comparative and international implications of professional military and security education. This includes the military education working group of ISMS, and the military and police relations working group of ERGOMAS, both of which have collaborative research in progress. I am also engaged with the Ideological Conflict Project, a SSHRC Insight project led by Thomas Homer-Dixon, and I am the section editor for the Miilitary Profession Section of the Springer Handbook of Military Sciences.

Service includes my work with three international organizations: ISMS, IAMA, and ERGOMAS. I am on two advisory boards, and within the Department of Political Science I am responsible for prior learning assessment (PLAR).

Biographic note

David Last, PhD, is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada (BA), Carleton University (MA), the London School of Economics (PhD), and the US Army Command and General Staff College (MMAS). He served in the Canadian army for 30 years, and has taught political science and war studies at the Royal Military College of Canada since 1999, including three years as registrar. He served in Germany during the Cold War and his peacekeeping assignments included commanding Blue Beret Camp in Cyprus, Force Commander’s staff in Croatia, and Civil Affairs in Bosnia, with field research on conflict management in the Balkans, West Africa and the Middle East. He has edited or co-edited six books and published more than 60 chapters and articles on peacekeeping, conflict, and higher education. Since 2009 his research has focused on conflict management, taking a global comparative perspective on security education. He is married to Dr. Desre Kramer of Toronto.

Dr Last held the Fulbright Research Chair in Peace and War Studies at Norwich University in 2016.

Dr Last has also taught in the Institutional Policy Studies and Strategic Studies Streams of the Joint Command and Staff Program at the Canadian Forces College.