The NEPDP is intended to further develop the intellectual, analytical and reasoning skills of CPO1s/CWOs who have been selected to hold key positions and senior appointments in the Canadian Forces (CF)”  RMC Undergraduate Calendar Entry


This non-credit course provides a framework for academic preparations, personalized academic coaching, familiarization with the institution, courtesy calls to key appointments, and personal preparations for academic success.

Where it fits in the program

The course is offered to candidates selected for the Non-Commissioned Member Executive Professional Development Program (NEPDP) prior to the start of the terms in which they will earn the credits required for the Certificate of General Military Studies. The aim of the course is to enhance the academic experience and increase the probability of academic success.

Learning objectives

Students will understand the key elements of academic success and begin to acquire the study tools that will permit them to succeed in a university environment.

Marking scheme

The academic advisor will provide a report on each candidate to the Dean of Arts at the end of the bridging program.  No marks will be assigned.


There are five components to the Academic Bridging Program as currently conceived:

  1. Arrival and institutional familiarization

  2. Course registration

  3. Academic coaching

  4. Personal preparations

  5. In-course enrichment


  1. This version of the Academic Bridging Program for NEPDP was developed by David Last without compensation as part of a normal teaching load to support delivery of an on-site course. It is neither the property nor the responsibility of RMCC.  It is housed on a private web site paid for by Dr. Last.  Any requests for use of the course material must be referred to the authors or copyright holders.  The web site is for the use of students enrolled in the course or supervised by Dr. Last or other professors assigned to the course, and copyright material is made available to these students under “fair use” rules.

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Academic Bridging program

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Ensure academic success and an enriching experience for the NCMs of the command team


The “Great Eight” from 2015-2016 (Photo, Angela Moulton)