POE456-FW 2017


Topics in Public Administration for the Leadership Team

David Last, PhD


  1. David Last, PhD

  2. Office: SSS25; telephone 613 532 3002; email last-d@rmc.ca

  3. Office hours as posted www.davidmlast.org

  4. Program web site for additional information: http://www.davidmlast.net/NEPDP/NEPDP.html


A.NCM DP5 Report 16 June 2014

  1. B.Annex A to NCM DP5 Questionnaire Report, 2014

  2. C.CDA Guidance, 16 March 2017


  1. Conducted as directed research projects (DRP) with weekly interaction in Fall and Winter terms 2017-2018, this course of studies will assist senior non-commissioned officers attending RMC for two academic terms to integrate knowledge, skills, and abilities appropriate to supporting the command team at the formation level (DP5). It consists of five modules tailored to individual experiences, and aligning with revised National Security Program (NSP) goals in accordance with Reference C.

  2. N1 – institutional leadership strategic command and strategic resource management

  3. N2 – Canadian governance and national security policy development

  4. N3 – strategy formulation and the application of national power

  5. N4 – Operations in complex environments

  6. N5 – Communications skills and critical analytical thinking

  7. Following the guidance at Reference C, students of POE456 (NEPDP) will have an opportunity to explore the bodies of knowledge relevant to the command team at the strategic level.  All of these bodies of knowledge are introduced in other courses, which students will have an opportunity to explore during their academic year at RMC.

  8. Areas identified in Reference A and B are also open to investigation if individual students wish to pursue them within the framework of the course (linked pages are from POE456 2016-2017)

  9. The course code POE456 Topics in Public Administration and Policy is appropriate because the course will address the institution of the leadership team, and provide NEPDP candidates with the tools for describing, measuring and evaluating programs and policies against their intended effects. However, students may bring in other disciplines and departments to pursue their particular research interests.


  1. As a directed research project, the students will work in the official language of their choice.  External resources will be sought in both official languages.  All texts are available in English and French.

  2. En tant que projet de recherche dirigé, les étudiants travailleront dans la langue officielle de leur choix. Les ressources externes seront recherchées dans les deux langues officielles. Tous les textes sont disponibles en anglais et en français.

POE456 is presented in AY2017-2018 as a special seminar series supporting directed research projects for the members of the Non-Commissioned Member Executive Professional Development Program (NEPDP). It will meet for two hours per week over 26 weeks, including academic and professional military education contact time.