POE102 Written Work

Assignments 1 and 2 will be submitted on Turnitin

College academic integrity policy is in effect for all assignments.

Turnitin Information (for Dr. Last’s students)

Course ID = 13477028

Password = Tremblay


Student guide for Turnitin: Turn It In – Student Guide.pdf

Participation 20% (based on best 10 weeks)

All participation marks are objectively assessed on the basis of submitted work and class engagement. All students have an opportunity to earn the full 10 percent. If you have less, you can submit more work.

  • 2/10 marks are assigned by your writing/discussion partner
  • 4/10 marks are assigned for online quizzes and responses (Moodle)
  • 4/10 marks are assigned for in-class work with an oral or written component (Moodle)

Assignment 1  20% (1500 words) Due in week 6

Assignment 1 addresses politics as ideas, and requires you to use the analytic tools and conceptual frameworks provided to assess media sources for ideological bias. This will be easier with some media than others.

Assignment 2 20% (2000 words) Due in week 11

Assignment 2 addresses political institutions, and requires you to use the analytic tools and conceptual frameworks provided to describe political institution and functions. You must select an actor, which is a country, group, or organization (e.g. Canada, the Kurds, or the OIC), a function of governance (e.g. legislative, executive, judicial, or administrative) and describe how that function is performed in the actor’s context at a particular time (e.g. the executive function as performed by the Winn government in Ontario).  Alternatively, you can describe the way in which a particular political party operated to aggregate and represent interests at a particular point in time (e.g. Sinn Fein in 1995).

  • In phase 1 you will discuss your actor and institution choices (5 percent) due by week 8, so you will need to look ahead
  • In phase 2 you present your ideas (5 percent) due by week 9
  • In phase 3 you will submit your conclusions in the form of a short paper with footnotes and references.

Marking rubric for Assignment 2 – please ask your writing partner to evaluate your assignment according to this rubric, and give you feedback in time to adjust before you submit your assignment.

Final Exam 40% in hall

Surprise is a principal of war, but not a principal of examination.  You will have a clear summary of the material that is examinable, the format and my expectations for answers well in advance of the final exam. We will rehearse essay answer formats and analytical approaches to questions during our seminars.

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