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Surprise is not a principle of examination. With 50 percent of the mark allocated to the final examination, you should be aware of the expected content and format from the outset, and comfortable that your work during the term is organized in a way that will contribute to your success on the final exam.

Key terms and concepts

Attached is a list of key terms and concepts from previous years, augmented with some that I expect to arise in the course of examining the cases we will explore this term. Subsequent lists will be refined for each quiz and the final exam.

List from previous quizzes and exams

Expanded preliminary list (Dr. Last’s section) [we will update this for 2019]

Comparative list – not all the quiz terms (light blue) were on question bank (dark blue)

List for Quiz 1 fall 2017   Sample Quiz from 2016

List for Quiz 2 fall 2017 Sample Quiz from 2016

Format for final exam (based on 2016) Practice questions for final exam, Fall 2017

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