Topic 8: Panel of Visiting Defence Fellows (VDFs)

Defence Education Diplomacy

This event has been moved from an evening to 1430 on Tuesday, when most first year SSH students are available.

Due to this schedule change, most members of section 4 will not be able to participate in the VDF event.

Regularly scheduled class will be held.


Dr. Last, CWO Clarke, OCdt Campbell


The Visiting Defence Fellow program at Queen’s University provides an opportunity for Canadian and Foreign officers to take a year out of normal duties to study at the graduate level in a university environment, and contribute to civilian graduate and undergraduate research and education.

This is expected to be a Monday evening bilingual event, which will replace the normal Monday or Wednesday class.  More to follow.

Learning objectives

This is an opportunity to interact with senior officers from several countries who are studying professionally relevant topics. You might have similar opportunities at several points in your careers.

If there is scope to include a class in conjunction with the VDF panel, or if the panel is cancelled, the corresponding activity will address Defence Education Diplomacy and the role of the soldier-diplomat. Resources to follow.


Visiting Defence Fellows for 2019-2020

Queen’s University Centre for International and Defence Policy

Visiting Defence Fellows may provide details of their presentations in advance. Information received will be posted here.

Credibility check: what are the signs that a source is more or less credible? How do you verify?

Additional resources

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