External influences on Canada

Week 12

Class coordinators

Megan Lawrence and Robert Rusu


No state is an island (well, metaphorically, anyway). In POE116 you will have been exposed to some theories of international relations, which represent both empirical and normative approaches to the study of relations between states and interactions of state and non-state entities in the global system. This week we want to concentrate on the implications of those factors for Canadian domestic politics. We’ll consider the global setting, and US influence on Canada in the fields of economy, defence, and culture.

Assignment 3 is due at the end of week 12.

Learning objectives

What constraints do Canadian governments and policy makers face as a consequence of the international system and external influences? Are there existential threats to Canada? If so, how can they be addressed? How big a role does the CAF play in defence and security of Canada? What are other significant instruments of national power?

Internationalism, Continentalism, Middle Power, Free Trade, Protectionism, neoliberalism, globalization, Mont Pelerin Society, Bretton Woods Institutions, Climate Change, UNCLOS, NAFTA, OAS,

Required reading

  • Dyck, Critical Approaches, Chapter 10, “Canada’s external environment – the US and the World”


Weekly activities can be adjusted by class coordinators in consultation with the professor

Week 12 checklist of material

[1] Introduction from class coordinator – time allocation
[2] Current events of political significance (domestic, international) [60s]
[3] Review/amend focus of learning objectives [5D]
[4] Key terms [5D, GLI]
[5] Critical Approaches and Studying Politics [5D, GLI]
[6] External resources [class coordinator]
[7] Exam questions [5D, GLI]
[8] Looking ahead: next week’s class coordinator introduces (last 15 minutes)