Exam Review

Format and Review


Review coordinators

Jung Eun Park, Sang Wook Park

The review coordinators will be responsible for seeking class input into the final exam to ensure that it meets learning objectives and is fair and comprehensive in terms of the material actually covered by the class.

Course notes for the whole course in one place – summary of Dyck, Critical Approaches. This is a summary of week-by-week content based on the required readings from the course text, with some additions based on Prof Last’s sections’ classes.

Note that the class may also opt to compile its own notes on google docs or other shared drives.  If you choose to share them with the me, I will check them for misleading or inaccurate information, but cannot guarantee that they are all in good order, complete or accurate.

Exam format

The exam for all sections will consist of two parts: short answer and essay questions.

Part 1 – do 5/7 short answer for 5 points each
Part 2 – do 2/3 essay questions for 25 points each
(three hour exam would be 2.4 minutes per point)

The short answers will be drawn from the key terms presented each week.

The essay questions will be constructed by you in class each week.

Practice exam questions, December 2016