Exam preparation and instructions

The exam will be a three-hour, open-book, out-of-hall, exam.  It will be administered through Moodle, and we will have a trial run before the final class to ensure that it works.  There will be a bank of questions, from which each student will have a different selection, with some overlap. You will know all  possible questions in advance, but you will not know until you open your exam which questions you will have to answer.

Once you open your exam, you will have three hours in which to finish and submit your exam online.  You should download and complete your exam offline, and allow 15 minutes at the end to log in and upload your exam.

If your exam fails to upload, you can email me a copy of your work immediately, and it will be counted, provided it is time-stamped within 3 hours of the time Moodle registered your opening of the exam.

Exam Format

The exam will consist of three parts of equal value.

Part A. Short answer. Identify and explain the significance of terms and concepts used in the course. Each student will have six choices and must provide four answers worth five points each.

Part B. Choice of policy briefs on subjects addressed in the course

Note that you will not have the option of writing on the same subject as your second assignment. Each student will write on one of three subjects.

  • Concepts
  • Frameworks for analysis
  • Policies to encourage growth
  • Problems associated with growth
  • Ingenuity, cornucopian and malthusian visions of the future
  • Pursuit of the public interest
  • Decision-making: open, closed, and choices about decision-making
  • innovation networks
  • Equity and the impact of policies

Part C. Mandatory policy brief on Canadian science and technology policy

This will consist of a series of alternative questions related to Smardon’s interpretation of Canada’s science and technology policy, its causes, and its impact. Each student will write on one of two questions.

Practice exam question bank, fall term 2015
Revised practice exam