The comparative database as a single .xls file can be downloaded here (8MB):</p

This file contains ten databases for 236 states, organized as follows. You should begin by scanning each database for the country or countries of interest to see how it/they compares on various indicators with other states. A quick way of doing this is to resort the data in the .xls file according to variable of interest.

Demography: This file contains information on:

  • Total population 1975, 2003, 2015
  • Population growth rates
  • Urbanisation
  • Age structure
  • Fertility rates
  • Birth and death rates
  • Migration rates

Health: This file contains information on:

  • Health expenditures
  • Immunisation rates
  • Access to sanitation and clean water
  • Prevalence of diseases
  • Infant mortality rates

Human and Social Rights: This file contains information on:

  • Ratification of international human rights conventions
  • Ratification of international social rights conventions


Gender equality: This file contains information on:

  • Gender Development Index
  • Gender-related life expectancy / literacy rate
  • Gender-related gross enrolment
  • Gender equality measures
  • Measures of female economic activity
  • Measures of female political rights


Education: This file contains information on:

  • Public expenditures on education
  • Literacy rates
  • Enrolment ratios

Economy and Development: This file contains information on:

  • Total labour force
  • Labour force in agriculture / industry / services
  • Unemployment indices
  • GDP (absolute; ppp; per capita; composition; growth rate)
  • Changes in consumer prices
  • Share of income on consumption
  • Inequality measures
  • Imports / exports of goods and services
  • Primary / manufactured / high-tech exports
  • Terms of trade
  • HDI (Human Development Index, 1975-2003)
  • Poverty measures
  • Population below poverty line
  • Distribution of income (Gini Index)

Communication and transport: This file contains information on:

  • Telephone lines
  • Internet users
  • Research & Development
  • Roads, airports, railways, waterways


Geography and Natural Resources: This file contains information on:

  • Land area
  • Arable land
  • Other land area
  • Permanent crops
  • Gas / Oil / Electricity

Environment: This file contains information on:

  • Fuel and electricity consumption
  • Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Ratification of environmental treaties


Government and Security: This file contains information on:

  • Government budget
  • Government debts
  • Public expenditures
  • Debt service
  • ODA (official development aid)
  • FDI (foreign direct investment flows)
  • Arms transfer
  • Total armed forces
  • Security expenditures
  • Refugees