Written Assignments

The final written assignment and associated work are worth 40 percent of your final mark. The marks for proposal, bibliography, and presentation/discussion are intended to assist you to complete the final paper effectively and on time. The points you earn on this earlier work won’t be taken away, but can be improved by better work on the final assignment. Only the final assignment needs to be submitted to Turnitin.

I believe in remediation, so if you aren’t happy with your mark, you can revise and resubmit the final, but this requires getting it in early enough to rework. You can hand in drafts any time.

Assignments will not be accepted after 2555, 2 Dec 2019.


POE320 Comparative Politics.

Your class ID is 22190344

Enrollment key is Boix-Stokes

Proposal (5)

Your proposal is an “adjusting round” for the written assignment. It is a one-page summary of your research question, your tentative answer or hypothesis, the definitions of key concepts or variables you will use, an outline of your sources and methods, and a statement about relevance (who cares, and why). The proposal becomes the abstract of the final paper.

Bibliography (10)

The annotated bibliography includes primary sources (usually data), scholarly secondary sources addressing the subject of your question, and tertiary sources like specialized dictionaries, handbooks, or encyclopedias that elaborate on the research problem. You need at least six in total and at least one of each. Your annotations for each source are a simple description in one or two sentences that describe how you will use the source, and why this one is appropriate.

Sample bibliography

Bibliography wrapper (completed by writing partner)

Presentation / Discussion in class (5)

The presentation/discussion in class is an opportunity to get feedback on your progress. Each student will do a 1-3 minute elevator pitch on your proposal, and get feedback from the group. You can also get points for giving feedback and suggestions that are concrete and helpful for other students.

3 for presentation, 2 for contributions to other student presentations

Final paper (20)

Your final paper can recoup marks deducted from the previous elements. The length and format are not critical. Examples of the marking guide are attached below.

Sample structure.

Final paper wrapper (complete by instructor)

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