Cases in reconstruction



In Lesson 10 you learned about peacebuilding processes, and discussed potential military contributions.  We will now consider two cases of war termination and ensuing peacebuilding with international support.  The conflict in El Salvador ended with the government largely achieving its objectives and the rebels attempting to reintegrate into society and government.  Third party contributions to the peace process were limited, and most military involvement was bilateral support for the El Salvador Armed Forces, or unarmed military observation.  The conflict in South Africa ended with a major regime change, supported by international observation including police and military involvement, though no armed international force.  You will compare and judge the relative effectiveness of these two interventions with hindsight.  What peacebuilding elements worked, and what was missing?  What are the implications of truth and reconciliation commissions and other peacebuilding processes for third party military intervention?

Learning Objectives

On completing this Lesson, you should be able to analyse factors in the successes and failures of three cases of war termination and peacebuilding, applying knowledge from week 10


Focus this week – case studies

Required Reading

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