Instructions for students

Assignment 1 will be submitted on Moodle week 1

Assignments 2-5 will be submitted through Turnitin, as with the student name and assignment number included in the filename, e.g. Smith-A2.pdf .

Class ID = 14250539

Password = Butler

Introduction and personal analysis  (5 percent) Due in Week 1

Using Moodle, Week 1, introduction forum, submit a short description of who you are and where you are coming from. Knowing yourself is an important starting point for understanding how you approach and analyze conflict, and knowing your classmates is an important step towards appreciating their perspectives and learning from them.

A1-Wrapper for introduction and personal analysis assignment (link)

You will assign a mark to the person commenting on your work, and that person will provide feedback on each of your assignments using the ‘wrapper’ provided. ‘wrappers’ will be submitted with each assignment.

A wrapper is a marking rubric or checklist for the assignment which you and your commenting partner will complete before you submit the assignment, to confirm that you have met the objectives of the task.  When I give your work back to you, I will also complete the wrapper, and you can compare the results.

Module 1 conflict analysis (15 percent) Due in Week 2

Pick your conflict carefully.  You may use the same conflict for all assignments, developing some expertise in it over the course or choose separate conflicts for each assignment.  Discuss your course plan as part of

There are three steps, and you should be able to do a preliminary analysis of a conflict in an hour, on six pieces of paper. The three steps are:

  1. do a chronology (5 percent)
  2. take a snapshot of the present, analyzing the actors, attractors and dividers (5 percent) using levinger’s 4 step process.
  3. do a value map for one of the parties to the conflict, also known as a cognitive affective map (5 percent)

A2-Wrapper for Module 1 conflict analysis

Module 2 conflict prevention (20 percent)

Prepare a conflict prevention plan for your selected conflict, taking into account the timing of the intervention, the role of international organizations and agencies, and non-state actors in process of intervention.

Alternative assignment addresses humanitarian intervention and R2P.

A3-Wrapper for Module 2 assignment conflict prevention

Module 3 conflict management (20 percent

Prepare a briefing note for national staff about intervention options (diplomatic, intelligence/information, military, economic) at the strategic and operational levels for the conflict you have selected. Describe the coordination of lines of operation for effective intervention, including the major bilateral and multilateral forms that international conflict management might take.

Alternative assignment addresses criminalized political structures.

A4-Wrapper for Module 3 assignment conflict management

Module 4 post-conflict reconstruction (20 percent)

Prepare a post-conflict reconstruction plan for your conflict, reflecting work that is already in progress and reports from engaged international organizations and agencies.

A5-Wrapper for Module 4 assignment conflict management

Assignment revision and presentation (20 percent)

Because you can learn a lot from resubmitting work, the aim of this portion is to improve one piece of work based on what you now know, which you didn’t know at the time you first wrote it. Your aims is to resubmit for 100 percent.  You will be judged partly on the degree to which you can improve the earlier assignment reflecting knowledge from the course.

A6-Wrapper for final assignment.

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