Conflict study resources

Conflicts to consider

Recent headline conflicts: Syria, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Crimea, South China Sea, East China Sea

Diehl and Balas (2014) UN operations 1948-2011

List of post conflict reconstruction missions (Table 1.1, Paris and Sisk, 2009)

List of  historical UN peacekeeping missions (1948-2013)

List of current UN peacekeeping missions

Wikipedia’s list of ongoing armed conflicts

Social Science Research Council list of contemporary conflicts

Council on Foreign Relations Global Conflict Tracker

OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre list of conflicts

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) European Group on Training, online resources

Hansen, Ramsbotham, and Woodhouse (2004) Hawks and Doves: Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution. Berghof Centre for Constructive Conflict Management.


Annotated bibliography (2002-2003)

On-site WS508 reading list (2000-2001)

On-site WS508 bibliography (2000-2001)

Peacekeeping (2003)

Last (1994) Mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution bibliography

Sanz, Research Sources on Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement 1987-1992

US Army War College bibliographies

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